The Extra Large Medium

In this delightful debut novel, Helen Slavin takes the ghost story into a new dimension. Ever since she was a child, Annie Colville has been talking to the dead. She knows they re dead because for some reason they re always dressed in chocolate brown. But Annie s grown up now, and things are getting serious. Especially after she falls for and marries Evan Bees. It s hard enough to lose someone you love; but what if you know they could come back to you? And they just . . . don t? During her long wait for her missing husband to come back to her, in chocolate brown or not, Annie searches through her mother s vast collection of lovers for the other missing man in her life her father and struggles with the questions her gift asks of her. Quirky, irreverent, moving and a little bit spooky, The Extra Large Medium will charm you completely even as it s raising the hairs on the back of your neck.