The Evolution of American Educational Technology

In this book, Paul Saettler provides a basis for historical analysis and interpretation of the diverse aspects of American educational technology - the individuals, concepts, and distinctive orientations that have shaped it - and traces its theoretical and methodological antecedents as it evolved from ancient times to the present day. It is a history of the process of educational technology - not its products in the form of devices or media. The particular focus is on the impact of educational technology in the American public schools, particularly as it relates to solving problems of teaching and learning. The need for a new edition of this classic volume 45 years after the publication of the first is vivid testimony to the continuing growth and development of American educational technology. updated throughout to incorporate new developments in the field; extended treatment of designing learning environments; expanded section on general systems theory; inclusion of the role of constructionism in educational technology; and; emphasis on learning with technology. The Evolution of American Educational Technology, Third Edition is an essential resource for researchers and students in the fields of educational technology and instructional design, and for anyone in the field of education more broadly wanting general information and a framework for understanding the history of the field.