The Evolution and Determinants of Wealth Inequality in the North Atlantic Anglo-Sphere, 1668-2013: Push and Pull

Paperback / softback
This book focuses on wealth inequality trends in the North Atlantic Anglo-sphere countries of Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States over the period from 1668 to 2013: a wider perspective than generally used when wealth inequality is discussed. This book demonstrates that it is important to put current dimensions of wealth inequality into historical context by looking at performance over the long run rather than simply a few decades. Moreover, this contribution compiles a substantial amount of data on estimates of wealth inequality and provides a concise overview of trends as well as the drivers of inequality over the long term. It serves as a short supplementary text for economics and sociology courses on economic inequality, economic history and social change-while remaining of interest to scholars and policymakers invested in equality debates of the past and present.