The European Rupture: Defence Sector in Transition

The European Rupture focuses on the consequences of the end of the Cold War for defence sectors in Europe. It offers a theoretical framework supported by country case studies from both Western Europe and formerly centrally planned economies. The discussion in the first part of the book analyses the connection between security and the Cold War economy, arguing that the defence sector profoundly shaped the technological development and industrial and social policy in both East and West. It considers some of the issues that have to be confronted in the transition periods, focusing on the new challenges to our perceptions of security, changes in technology and problems of defence conversion. The final part considers the need for new institutional arrangements and how these have to be constructed in order to re-establish a system of international security and economic regulation. It proposes that there should be a shift away from national or bloc security policies towards a more internationalist security policy, and appropriate measures of economic adjustment, especially defence conversion. This book will be of special interest to academics and students interested in European studies, international affairs, international policy and policymakers.