The EU in Global Electronic Communications

At a time when the EU's role is challenged and in transition in a multi-nodal and multilateral global environment, this book provides valuable insight into the way in which the EU can be effective as a global agent in the global electronic communications milieu. This book examines how the EU shapes and is shaped by its interaction with and action in global organisations and regimes for electronic communication. It focuses on the Internet, telecommunications and broadcasting through an analysis of the evolving international political economy of these sub-sectors, with which the EU has a well established and ongoing engagement. The co-authors provide not only a more comprehensive analysis of the EU's role and influence in these sub-sectors but also a direct comparison of the EU's performance globally in the communications sector. Drawing on extensive research this volume makes an important contribution to knowledge of the nature of the EU in the communications sector, with broader implications for its role as an actor in the international political economy. It will be of interest to students, scholars, practioners and policy-makers in the fields political science; European studies; media and communications.