The Ethnic German Refugee in Austria 1945 to 1954

The Ethnic German Refugee in Austria 1945 to 1954 is an objective book and that is why the reading of this extremely interesting study creates a feeling of sadness, but at the same time a conviction that it is still possible to alleviate the grief of the numerous refugees in Austria, provided properly co-ordinated assistance is offered. The resultant feeling of sadness, which is most acute, is due to the characteristic of this book in which facts and figures are given in a purely scientific and sober manner, thus driving home the truly horrible human folly that was at the bottom of two world wars. Millions of people were turned from house and home, people for whom the very notion of native country has become a lata morgana. As flotsam and jetsam they have drifted to lands and places where they are not at all or barely welcome, and where, on the whole, they cannot find a permanent and humane existence. This thorough study which is averse to sentimentality cannot fail to make a deep impression on the reader. Allowance is made for the difficult position in which Austria found herself after the first world war, and especially after the second; it is granted that nevertheless much has been done for the refugees there. Further it cannot be ignored that various official and private agencies have contributed greatly to lighten the burden of the refugees.