The Essential Guide to Knowledge Management: E-Business and Crm Applications

Knowledge Management (KM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) are crucial to leveraging your corporate strengths, deepening customer loyalty, and maximizing your employees' efforts. The Essential Guide to Knowledge Management: e-Business and CRM Applications offers managers and IT professionals a no-nonsense, up-to-the-minute briefing on these technologies -- and a step-by-step roadmap for implementation. Understand what KM and CRM seek to accomplish, how they do it, and how they impact both your existing processes and your existing IT infrastructure. Learn how to align your KM/CRM strategy with your technology choices; audit your existing knowledge and customer relationship systems; blueprint your technology infrastructure; and build a team that can implement KM/CRM successfully. Walk step-by-step through developing and implementing your KM/CRM system -- and making the changes in corporate culture needed to leverage it fully. Then, discover practical metrics for evaluating your system once it's in place, and identifying the optimal refinements. The Essential Guide to Knowledge Management also contains detailed case studies from leading KM/CRM implementers, including Lands' End, Gateway, and Dell.