The Essential Guide to Colour Knitting Techniques

Unravel the secrets of combining two or more yarn colours with this fabulous practical knitting guide. Master all the techniques that transform simple knitted items into vibrant, colourful masterpieces, from working with multicolour yarn to stranding and intarsia. This title features 150 vibrant knitting patterns for colour knitting to help you make your knits more vibrant. With easy-to-follow, simple instructions, knitters of all abilities will be able to add colour to their knitting. Learn the basics of colour theory, pick up some new stitches and techniques, and then put your skills to use with a project from the Design Workshop. Tight stitches, loose stitches, curled edges, messy ends, twisted yarns - put them all in the past with practical tips and tricks that bring out the best in every project. Broken into nine chapters, the book covers, Colour Basics, Stripes, Pattern Stitches, Multicoloured Yarns, Stranded Knitting, Intarsia, Other Techniques, Finishing Touches and Design Workshop. There is also full guidance on using the charts, and sizing guidelines, as well as helpful information on knitting abbreviations and symbols, and a glossary of knitting techniques. This 320-page bumper book is the essential resource for knitters everywhere - teaching you all you need to know about using colour in your work to maximum effect.