The Essential Fertility Log: An Organizer and Record Keeper to Help You Get Pregnant

Paperback / softback
When did I ovulate last month? Does my LH surge always happen on Day 15? How long ago did I get my FSH tested? When it comes to getting pregnant, timing and accuracy are everything, yet you have to have the organizational bent of a bookkeeper to keep track of the relevant details! What a woman in charge of her fertility really needs is one place to track everything--a handy log to keep on the nightstand, to toss in her purse when she goes to the doctor, or to whip out for reference when she's searching the Internet. Spiral-bound for easy and frequent use, The Essential Fertility Log is all that--and a lot more. It has three main sections: a daily journal with space to record ovulation/cycle information, a monthly calendar that displays the big picture of fertility and menstrual cycles, and a section for medication, treatment, and test records. Fun factoids and tips throughout also emphasize staying fit and healthy through regular exercise, good nutrition, and stress management. A source of daily encouragement as well as a tool for effective communication and collaboration with her doctor, The Essential Fertility Log will keep a woman's spirits up as she rides the emotional roller coaster of trying to conceive.