The End Of Globalization

Professor Alan Rugman is one of the world's leading academics in the field of international business and strategy. In The End of Globalization he argues that we are currently witnessing the end of globalization and draws on new research and analysis to argue that globalization never really happened anyway. Like Bartlett and Ghoshal's Managing Across Borders, this book is aimed at the market of practitioners and policy-makers, (not academics and theoreticians) showing them what the current state of the global economy means for them. Global business is dominated by the 500 largest multinational enterprises (MNEs) out of a total of 30,000 MNEs altogether. The 500 MNEs that are the engines of international business 'think regional and act local'. Using analysis drawn from world-leading companies, Professor Rugman looks in detail at the managerial implications of the end of globalization, including in-depth discussion of corporate strategies, organizational structures, and analytical methods.