The Encyclopedia of Women in Radio, 1920-1960

In the early days of radio, there were opportunities for women as singers, musicians, actors, and hosts of women's interest shows, but few chances to do much more. Vaughan deLeith, the Original Radio Girl, was one of the first women to break into radio and pave the way for others to follow. From 1920 to 1936, deLeith received three million pieces of fan mail, published more than 200 songs, made more than 300 phonograph records and Edison cylinders, and sang 15,000 songs on the air. The women who worked in and on radio from the 20s through the 50s are given their due in this comprehensive work. Readers will find Kate Smith, the Andrews Sisters, the Carter Sisters, Wilma Lee Cooper, Kitty Wells, Gracie Allen, and Minnie Pearl, among many, many others. There are nine extended entries: the pioneers, Mary Garden and Chicago radio, singers, country musicians, comediennes, husband-and-wife talk shows, women in daytime serials (soap operas), family values, and gender discrimination.