The Electronic Anesthesiology Library on CD-ROM: Single User

This exciting CD-ROM combines five years of content from four of the world's leading anesthesiology journals-- Anesthesiology, Anesthesia & Analgesia, BJA: British Journal of Anaesthesia, and the Canadian Journal of Anesthesia --all on one disk. The CD-ROM contains full text and graphics supplemented by MEDLINE abstracts for all cited references. More than 11,000 documents, and more than 30,000 figures and tables are included. Easy-to-use search tools provide clinicians and researchers with unprecedented access to the world's anesthesiology literature. The Electronic Anesthesiology Library (T.E.A.L.) offers full text, fuzzy-logic searching, using Knowledge Finder software; searching by article, publication date, and specific journal; hot-text link to cited MEDLINE abstracts; all images, graphs, charts, and tables; high-quality image presentation with 100 per cent enlargement capabil ity; thumbnail image panels for quick visual overviews of each article; links between in-text figure and table references to corresponding images; both Windows and Macintosh platform capability on one disk; article citation capability for copying and pasting citations into other applications and documents. System Requirements for Windows: 80486 or later processor (including Pentium; 80386 will work, but will be slow). 16MB RAM memory (32MB RAM recommended). MS Windows 3.x, 95, 98, NT, and 2000. Mouse. CD-ROM player (at least double speed recommended). Minimum SVGA monitor 640-480. For better image presentation, use a 800x600 monitor, with 1MB minimum video RAM (for 64,000 colors). System Requirements for Macintosh: 68030 or later processor (including Quadra and Power Macintosh); 16MB RAM memory (32MB RAM recommended). Mac OS 7.1 or later. CD-ROM player (at least double speed recommended). 14 monitor with 256 colors. For better image presentation and viewing, consider a 17 monitor supporting thousands or millions of colors. Windows / Macintosh / Network Compatibl