The Eighties

Paperback / softback
Provides an overview of the 1980s in America. The Eighties provides an account of the politics and foreign policy of the era and describes some of the major social, technological, and cultural changes that took place. Palermo's goal is to deepen students' understanding of the 1980s and pique their curiosity to learn more about the decade. Learning Goals Upon completing this book readers will be able to: Consider the following questions: What were the legacies of the Reagan Administration and the profound changes in domestic and foreign policy in the '80s? What technological, cultural, and economic transformations begun in the 1980s have had lasting effects? Why have many of the public policy decisions of the 1980s continued to be tried in later decades? What can we learn about the role of government, free markets, and America's place in world affairs today by looking back on the 1980s?