The Egyptian Path of Love: A Journey to Sacred Marriage

The ancient Egyptians understood the psyche in terms of gods and goddesses. Central to their system was the Sacred Marriage, which offered harmony between the worlds above and below and the competing demands of the self. Drawn from the ancient texts and mythology of Egypt, The Egyptian Path of Love offers a simple step-by-step approach to the achievement of harmony. It provides practical guidance, meditation techniques and ritual process to awaken and integrate the latent powers of the psyche. Based on the seven chakras, it proceeds from the 'root' of the individual or deepest desires and needs, to the 'crown' of self-rulership and realisation of spiritual purpose. In exploring the dynamics of the inner gods and their different marriages it teaches how to obtain, retain and maintain for oneself the stability, peace and prosperity of a golden age in an increasingly troubled world from a perspective of love and respect. Providing a unique mixture of self development and ancient wisdom, this is not so much an esoteric manual on the Egyptian mysteries, as a plain and simple workbook on how to stay on the path of love. With meditations, affirmations, exercises and concise explanations, it will appeal both to beginners and those who have been following a spiritual path for many years.