The Economics of Technological Diffusion

This volume presents the first comprehensive, detailed, and up-to-date overview of the economics of technological diffusion. By organizing past articles under themes and providing introductory chapters for each theme, Stoneman has created a highly accessible and sophisticated volume that goes beyond a textbook. This mix of classical and original material is the most authoritative overview of the literature in each topic. The key topics covered are: theory, empirics, and policy. technology and trade. the theory and practice of technology policy. finance and technological change. R D and diffusion. measuring both technological change and its impact. game theoretic modelling of technological change.The quality and scope of the contributions ensures that the book uniquely covers all of this field's various dimensions while achieving the necessary depth of analysis. The articles are specifically designed to be both rigorous and accessible. This book is an essential text and reference for those in the fields of the economics of technological diffusion, industrial organization and science, and technology policy. The material is accessible to students, researchers, and those working or setting policy in these fields.