The Economics of Politics

This two-volume anthology contains many of the classic articles from the public choice/rational politics field and includes a new introduction prepared by the editor. Volume I is divided into four parts: The Nature of Democratic Government, Majority Rule, Other Voting Rules and Clubs and Local Politics. Volume II is divided into the following four parts: Representative Democracy, Bureaucracy, Political Business Cycles, and Democratic Dilemmas. Included are excerpts from such classic pieces as Buchanan and Tullock's Calculus of Consent, Downs's Economic Theory of Democracy, Olson's Logic of Collective Action and Niskanen's Bureaucracy and Representative Government, as well as articles by Coase, May, Black, McKelvey, Groves, Ledyard, Vernon Smith, Tiebout, Breton, Stigler, Romer, Rosenthal, Arrow, Sen, Satterthwaite, Gibbard and many more.