The Economic Impact of New Firms in Post-socialist Countries: Bottom-Up Transformation in Eastern Europe

The Economic Impact of New Firms in Post-Socialist Countries analyses the emergence and contribution of new entrepreneurs in the transforming economies of Eastern Europe. Small firms and new enterprises are widely assumed to play an important role in the process of economic development and transformation. The contributors to this volume investigate how far small and newly founded enterprises have compensated for losses in employment and contributed to economic recovery in Eastern Europe. With analysis based on new empirical data, this extensive volume covers the situation in Russia, Estonia, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania and Slovenia as well as East Germany. Issues covered include attempts to stimulate entrepreneurship, guidelines for successful bottom-up transformation and the prospects for new and small firms in Eastern Europe. The Economic Impact of New Firms in Post-Socialist Countries will be welcomed for its detailed, empirically-founded discussion of entrepreneurship, micro-level studies of transition, small business economics and comparative economic systems.