The Early Rulers of Khajurāho

The Candellas of Bundelkhand formed one of the most prominent dynasties that flourished for some centuries before the establishment of Islam as an Imperial Power in this sub-continent. They are known in history not only for their political sagacity, but also for their direct association with the art and architecture that developed in Khajuraho and its neighbourhood. The book deals, in a comprehensive manner, with the history of the early rulers of Khajuraho, in fourteen chapters. Chs. I and II deal with the origin of the Candellas and define their territory. Ch. III traces their history from Nannuka to Harsa. Chs. IV to VII recount the rise of their power under Yasovarman and Dhanga, their struggles with the Muslims under Ganda and Vidyadhara and their conflicts with Cedis under Vijayapala, Devavarman and Kirtivarman. Ch. VIII is devoted to the rulers from Sallaksanavarman to Madanavarman. Ch. IX describes Caha-mana- Candella rivalry and the fall of Mahoba. Ch. X deals with the temporary restoration of Candella power under Trailokya-varman. Chs. XI to XIV give a vivid picture of political, social, eco-nomic, religious and cultural life of Bundel-khand and offer a survey of its magnificent temples and sculptors.