The Eagle And The Rose

Paperback / softback
In The Eagle and the Rose Rosemary Altea describes her journey into the spirit world through her Spirit Guide, an American Apache Indian. Grey Eagle taught 'his Rose' to use her astonishing power to heal, astral-travel and rescue souls lost on the after-journey. Here, too, are many case histories that illustrate Rosemary's remarkable talents: a woman decapitated in a car crash relives her traumatic death in Rosemary's body in order to adapt to life in the hereafter; a prominent scientist achieves a breakthrough with help from his dead grandfather; a tragic boating accident is predicted by Rosemary on a live radio show months before it happens. Behind all these moving communications is the quiet, reassuring figure of Rosemary Altea, succoured by the wisdom and constancy of her mentor Grey Eagle. 'We are all souls and must trust each other with kindness,' he says, emphasizing the true message of The Eagle and the Rose: we are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but spiritual beings having a human experience.