The Dream: How I Learned the Risks and Rewards of Entrepreneurship and Made Millions

Gurbaksh Chalal's family emigrated from India to San Jose, California when he was six years old. Without a high school diploma, he started the internet advertising company ClickAgents from his bedroom at the age of 16, making cold calls to advertising networks, and sold the company two years later for $40 million, turning his sibling employees into millionaires and saving his family's dream house. Chahal moved away from home and worked at ValueClick for two years, becoming the youngest executive of the multi-billion dollar NASDAQ-listed company. He then went on to found his second company, BlueLithium, which he sold to Yahoo! for $300 million in 2007. In this unique and inspiring account, Chahal interweaves his entrepreneurial story with his struggles with family pressures and discrimination due to his Sikh background. He has been on the forefront of every internet advertising trend since 1998 and has shown incredible foresight and natural financial skill from a remarkably young age. This is a success story like no other of a young and charismatic entrepreneur who made hundreds of millions of dollars and saved his family from a life of discrimination and financial ruin. In The Dream, Chahal encourages young entrepreneurs like himself to effectively harness risk and discipline for their own gain, sharing his daring personal vision and his extraordinary experiences to reveal that success is much closer than most aspiring entrepreneurs realize.