The Dodgers: Memories and Memorabilia from Brooklyn to L.A.

From their early days as Brooklyn's bums to their beautification as LA's true angels, this scrapbook of Dodgers' stories and souvenirs celebrates one of the most colourful and loved teams in baseball. The Dodgers are not a West Coast team or an East Coast team - they've always been, and always will be, simply the Dodgers, true originals possessed of a charm, bravado and crowd appeal like no other club in American sports. Almost as old as the game itself, and every bit as quirky, the Dodgers have been home to some of baseball's greatest heroes and biggest clowns. Known as bums by friend and foe alike, this is a club that managed bo put three players on third base at the same time (in 1926). But the Dodgers were also the first to hire a black player, the glorious Jackie Robinson, and one of two that first brought the game to the West Coast. The list of extraordinary players is a mile long and the memorabilia associated with them is collected with devotion on both coasts, and in between. Tickets from the 1916 World Series against Boston, balls signed by Leo the Lip Durocher and Tommy LaSorda, an usher's cap from old Ebbets field, a Jackie Robinson snuff box, Duke Snider's signed jacket, Sandy Koufax's bat - are all here, a Dodger's treasure chest, illustrating the story of one of baseball's legendary teams.