The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit: A Bibliography Showing Its Chronological Development

The sweeping Pentecostal revivals of the mid-twentieth century have led to a growing interest in the Holy Spirit and a demand for detailed study of the literature on the Holy Spirit. This bibliography exhaustively mines the vast English language literature on this subject and includes both print and non-print media. It is organized by several categories including histories of the doctrine; early works to 1800 encompassing controversies between the Eastern and Western churches; biblical and doctrinal studies; the work of the Spirit; the role of the Spirit in the Church; movements within the Church created by doctrinal positions; and devotional and literary treatments of any of these facets. The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit contains both an alphabetical and subject listing for each work and is supplemented by a comprehensive index listing subject entries, added entries (editors, translators, illustrators, and authors of memoirs), scripture references, and corporate authors.