The Designers Toolkit: 2000 Colour Palette Swatches

Colour is fundamental to all design. It can be used to evoke a mood, to grab attention, to identify a product or to organise information. The appearance of a colour is always affected by adjacent colours, so choosing an appropriate colour combination is essential to attain the desired effect. 2000 Colour Palette Swatches is an invaluable tool for designers, architects, decorators and anyone involved in selecting, applying and specifying colour. This book and its accompanying CD are structured by colour themes historical period, mood or feeling, the natural world and so on enabling designers to easily find colour combinations that work for a particular project. The CMYK values of each colour are printed alongside each palette for quick reference. Each palette appears on the CD so that it can quickly be imported into your favourite graphics program, and even reused or converted to other colour measuring or describing systems.