The Decrees of Memphis and Canopus: The Decree of Canopus: Vol. III

This is the third of three volumes exploring some of the most remarkable insights into Ancient Egypt to have come to light in modern times. The first two volumes deal with the Rosetta Stone, an outstanding archaeological discovery which has supplied the basis for Egyptian decipherment; the final volume explores the Stele of Canopus , discovered in 1866. The Decree inscribed on the Stele of Canopus was passed at a general Council of Egyptian priests, setting forth the good deeds of Ptolemy III, and enumerating the benefits that he and his wife Berenice had conferred upon Egypt. Yet, the real significance of the Stele is that, like the Rosetta Stone, the text is inscribed in Hieroglyphic, Greek and Demotic Egyptian. First published in 1904, this reissue provides an accessible general introduction to this fascinating subject, particularly useful for the amateur enthusiast as well as undergraduate students.