The Dancing Flame

This publication presents twelve tales, all but one of which is written from a child's point of view. They explore the problems faced by children, such as peer pressure, family conflict, lack of self-esteem and exam nerves and explore ways in which they can be overcome. This is an informative and important book, which gives children the opportunity to identify and then cope with their own problems, and uses humour to explore everyday moral dilemmas. It is equally helpful for anyone who is in contact with children, and wishes to keep abreast of the modern pressures which children face. The line drawing illustrations by Robin Lawrie are often humorous, and always appealing. It is the third and final collection of stories from the author of The Thought that Counts and Whoever You Are , both of which have been used in PSHE and English lessons in schools throughout the country. These earlier publications are being considered for use to cover the National Literacy Strategy requirements for Year 6 Term 1, and The Dancing Flame is expected to be just as successful.