The Daily Male: Toyboy Diaries II

The saucy memoirs of a modern Mrs Robinson the Daily Male picks up where the toyboy Diaries left off. Wendy, now sixty, is embarking on yet another brick-wall relationship with a man young enough to be her son. Her friends despair of her, her ever-increasing brood of grandchildren demand more of her, her ailing antiques business worries her - is it time for her to hang up her lacy lingerie and seek stability with a more suitable suitor? Wendy vows to stay on the toyboy wagon and take love seriously for a change. But in this voyeuristic peek through her private diaries, we find her lost in another maze of men: the turkish plasterer, the cranky architect, the Club Med manager, the army captain...By day a devoted grandmother, by night a thrill-seeking siren, Wendy juggles mashed banana and nappies, Calvin Kleins and caviar. But can she ever satisfy her hunger for young lovers? Can an older man provide her with the passion that she needs?