The Credo Plot

Series: The Antichthon Trinity (Volume II)
The Antichthon Trinity is a trilogy of fantasy novels that truly turn the world topsy-turvy by making everything oddly familiar but different, through total cultural and social inversion; quite literally parading our dogmatic mind-sets before the fair-ground mirror's parodying reflection. The Credo Plot is the second volume in The Antichthon Trinity, and continues the role-reversal romp through the fantasy genre begun by its predecessor The Blood Purge. Now on the run from treason charges in Montaigne, renegade noble Lady Mandrake and her accomplice Countess Ahithophel flee to The Pangaea, dragging along naive country bumpkin Peregrine Farouche. There, a chance meeting with a wandering minstrel troupe down on their luck provides excellent camouflage for the trio's death-sentence dodging escapade when they befriend the affable musicians and secure them as travelling companions. Along the way though, they also encounter outrageous society flapper Gudesire Lapis-Lazuli, who worms his way into the hearts of the minstrels with a grand promise to regenerate their flagging fortunes via a glittering engagement at The Pangaea's most prestigious venue. Dazzled and overwhelmed, the troupe willingly follows his lead. Thus, enmeshing them all in a web of political intrigue ...