The Creative Photography Handbook: A Sourcebook of Over 70 Techniques and Ideas

Maximize your photographic creativity with this invaluable sourcebook of techniques, effects, and ideas from best-selling photography author, Lee Frost. Whether you want to learn how to be a photographer or you already have a good knowledge of photographic expertise, you will be inspired by more than 40 creative techniques and subject ideas, helping you to produce exciting, innovative photos. Part One of the book deals with the fundamentals of photography - Light, Composition, Focusing, Colour and Dark Room - while Part Two looks at the main subject areas - People, Scenics, the Urban Landscape, Nature and Movement. Ultimately, the aim of The Creative Photography Handbook is to shed new light on popular subjects, teach you all about photography, and to show you how to see and think more creatively - guaranteeing to put the creativity back into your photography.