The Cowboy Dog

Chester Farlowe was twelve when the coward Stronson shot his daddy down. Chester left the vast cattle ranches of New Zealand/s central Volcanic Plateau for the badlands of urban Auckland. There he was given shelter by Henry Stroud, proprietor of the I Fry takeaway wagon, and re-christened Mr Dog. There, too, he met the girl, Spoons. Now, six years later, he is back in those lands where the pylons march across the sky, and looking for revenge. Stronson is waiting, and there must be a showdown. But first there are others to contend with - Boss Lennox, Cook, the Sultation Kid, the seductive and inscrutable Miss Peet. The Cowboy Dog is a stunning extension of the series of novels in which Nigel Cox reconfigures New Zealand experience through the most resonant myths of our time.