The Conference on Security and Co-Operation in Europe: Basic Documents, 1993-1995

The quantity of documents produced by the OSCE reflects the increasing number and range of its activities. The Conference on Security and Co-operation in Europe helps users access this important and continually metamorphosing body of law. Supplementing The Conference on Security and Co-operation in Europe: Analysis and Basic Documents, 1972-1993, a 1,200 page collection of official OSCE documents, this volume contains selected official documents from the last few years. It focuses on those containing substantive decisions which bind all or some of the OSCE states. In addition, letters and recommendations of the High Commissioner on National Minorities and the reactions to them by governments take up a large section of the book, reflecting the increasing activities of the HCNM. Practitioners and academics who deal with the OECD will appreciate this work's coverage, the editor's expertise, and his painstakking selection.