The Confederate Infantryman: A Sketchbook

Detailing the everyday experience of Confederate soldiers as they marched through the mud toward their opponents from the North, Alan H. Archambault brings to life the problems, victories, and bravery of the grey soldiers. The scent of gunpowder hangs in the air, and, in the distance, a Rebel Yell echoes in between the chatter of gunfire. As exhausted soldiers stumble into camp, they erect their tents, unroll their blankets, and swallow a shot of smuggled whiskey to take the edge off the cold in this enticing book that uniquely summarizes American military history of the nineteenth century. Archambault deftly couples his elaborate, detailed sketches with comprehensive captions that outline every aspect of living in the Confederate army, from loading haversacks to punishing thieves to rushing into battle. This fascinating account teaches both the Civil War reenactor and the casual history enthusiast how to dress the part of an officer, prepare a bayonet, and hoist the Southern Cross.