The Complete X-files : Behind the Series, the Myths and the Movies: Part 1

The Complete X-Files (Limited Edition) is the only authorised debriefing on all nine seasons of the Peabody and Emmy Award-winning science fiction television series and films created by Chris Carter. Discover the facts behind Mulder's alien abduction, Scully's secret objectives, the designs of the shadowy Cancer Man , and get the full story of the Mythology episodes. The Complete X Files brings you behind the scenes of this remarkable series. For the first time, the brilliant creators of The X-Files - actors, writers, directors and producers - share with you the secrets of what set this show apart from all others. You will learn about the unique methodology - and philosophy- that changed the face of television drama. You will see just how hard these dedicated men and women worked to create episodic television that looked and felt like big-budget Hollywood movies. In addition to exclusive interviews with the cast and crew, The Complete X Files brings you previously unpublished photographs giving you a backstage view of the making of the television series and the two X-Files feature films. Harrowing truths wait in this exclusive tome of untold secrets and mysteries, offering a unique lens into the mind behind the mythos of the continuing X-Files saga. The Complete X-Files will captivate fans, conspiracy theorists, and science-fiction audience proving that nothing is what it seems, but 'the truth is out there'.