The Complete Practical Guide to Camping, Hiking & Wilderness Skills

This title helps you experience the great outdoors in comfort and safety, from planning a trip to map-reading and setting up camp. It is a comprehensive reference manual covering the knowledge and skills needed to live and travel outdoors. It offers authoritative advice on practicalities, including clothing and equipment, how to use a map and compass, and how to choose a campsite, put up tents and build fires. It includes information on walking, cycling, touring in a kayak or canoe, touring on horseback, and using pack animals. Outdoor pursuits can mean anything from a day's gentle walking or mountain biking to a camping weekend, a trek through the jungle, or a tour in a kayak lasting several weeks. This book describes the kit needed for comfort and safety, including clothing and footwear, tents, sleeping bags, backpacks and cooking equipment. There is information on using a map and compass correctly, how to set up a tent and build a camp fire, and coping with hazards such as dangerous wildlife and unpredictable weather. Packed with expert advice and illustrated with over 800 photographs, the book makes essential reading for anyone planning an adventure in the great outdoors.