Complete Directory for Pediatric Disorders: 2013/14

The Complete Directory for Pediatric Disorders is an important reference tool that provides parents and caregivers with information about common Pediatric and Adolescent Conditions, Disorders, Diseases and Disabilities. This comprehensive, informative directory is designed to meet the growing consumer demands for current; understandable medical information on pediatric disorders; to provide an overview of the educational resources and support services available for parents of children with such conditions and to serve as a comprehensive resource for physician assistants; case workers, social workers, genetic counselors, medical librarians, and other professionals who are dedicated to providing concerned caregivers vital supportive services. The Complete Directory for Pediatric Disorders provides understandable descriptions of 15 major Bodily Systems providing the reader with general background information; Descriptions of more than 200 disorders detailing classification, symptoms, causes and standard treatment methods along with thousands of important resources, including National Agencies & Associations, State Associations, Online Services, Libraries, Resource Centers, Research Centers, Support Groups, Hotlines, Camps, Books and Periodicals. This 2008 edition has been completely updated with the latest treatment options and disorder information. The directory also offers a Disorder by System Index; and a helpful Glossary of Terms along with three handy indexes for quick, easy access to information: Entry Name Index, Geographic Index and Subject Index. The completely updated Complete Directory for Pediatric Disorders will provide immediate access to information crucial to families and caregivers when coping with children's illnesses and is a necessary addition to any reference collection.