The Classification of the Finite Simple Groups: No. 6, Pt. 4: The Special Odd Case

The classification of finite simple groups is a landmark result of modern mathematics. The original proof is spread over scores of articles by dozens of researchers. In this multivolume book, the authors are assembling the proof with explanations and references. It is a monumental task. The book, along with background from sections of the previous volumes, presents critical aspects of the classification. Continuing the proof of the classification theorem which began in the previous five volumes ( Surveys of Mathematical Monographs, Volumes 40.1.E, 40.2, 40.3, 40.4, and 40.5 ), in this volume, the authors provide the classification of finite simple groups of special odd type (Theorems $\mathcal{C}_2$ and $\mathcal{C}_3$, as stated in the first volume of the series). The book is suitable for graduate students and researchers interested in group theory.