The Chrome Borne

THE ONLY BAD ELF IS A BAD ELFTannim is a human mage with a taste for fast cars and loud music. Among his friends are Ross Canfield, a good old Southern boy who just happens to be dead and Keighvin, an elf lord who has been targeted for termination by a horde of evil elves, with the assistance of a vindictive banshee. Caught in the middle are three runaway kids in serious trouble, used as bait to trap Tannim and Keighvin.If that wasn't enough, Tannim's predilection for dangerous women just went from dangerous to lethal. He thinks he's found Ms. Right, but there are three tiny problems: 1) Her father is a dragon. 2) She's not human though she definitely is a fox. 3) She seems to want to kill him ... Tannim's magery is sometimes erratic -- but his talent for getting himself into trouble is perfect!