The Chemistry and Physics of Engineering Materials

Multiple copy pack
This new two-volume set focuses on the chemistry and physics of engineering materials that have potential for applications in several disciplines of engineering and science. Contributions range from new methods to novel applications of existing methods. Volume 1 addresses modern analytic methodologies while Volume 2 focuses on the limitations, properties, and models of materials. The collection of topics in these volumes reflect the diversity of recent advances in chemistry and physics of engineering materials with a broad perspective that will be useful for scientists as well as for graduate students and engineers. This new two-volume set presents leading-edge research from around the world. Topics in the book include: * Methods for the quality of gas-filled polymer materials * Radiometric measurements deposits of surface water * Hydrophobic material-supported platinum catalysts * Concepts of the physical chemistry of polymers in technologies and environment protection * Application able radicals for study of behavior of biological systems * Surface-modified magnetic nanoparticles for cell labeling * Sorption of industrial dyes by inorganic rocks from aqueous solutions * Various methods for steel surface modification * Recent advances in fire-retardant composites * Aerogels material and technology * Quantum-chemical calculation of pentacontacene and hectacontacene by mndo * Diffusion dynamics in nanomaterials * Entropic nomograms * Structural analyses of particulate-filled polymer nanocomposites mechanical properties * Protection of rubbers against ageing * Structure-property correlation and forecast of corrosion