The Care and Wellbeing of Older People: A Textbook for Healthcare Students

The Care and Wellbeing of Older People is aimed at all those training and taking courses relating to the healthcare of older people. This could mean pre- and post-registration students in universities and colleges as well as practitioners in hospitals and care homes. The book will relate to UK standards and competencies (e.g. Skills for Health and Skills for Care competencies) relating to the care and wellbeing of Older People. The book is suitable for students in Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Student learning is supported by case studies, activities, a glossary, references and further reading. Covering a wide range of topics in primary and secondary care, this contributed volume provides a comprehensive exploration of the current issues and challenges involved in the care of older people. With a focus on the user's experience of care and the implications for joint working, the textbook includes chapters on subjects such as: Values; Communication; Advocacy and rights; Interprofessional working; Protecting vulnerable adults; Promoting physical and mental health and wellbeing; Life in care; Palliative care; Social networks. Foreword by Priscilla Ebersole, RN, PhD, FAAN, Professor Emerita, San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA, USA.