The Canonical Approach: A Critical Reconstruction of the Hermeneutics of Brevard S. Childs

The Canonical Approach makes a detailed assessment of Brevard Childs' 'canonical approach' to biblical interpretation. A careful analysis of Childs' work identifies a number of historical, hermeneutical, and theological issues that are central both to Childs' programme and to the wider methodological debate. These include the adequacy of the historical-critical tools, their relationship to the more recent, 'synchronic' approaches, the role of the interpreter's own presuppositions, the viability of working from a specific faith-commitment, and ways in which the ancient texts can 'speak' to the modern Church. After an incisive discussion of these questions it is suggested how Childs' programme can be set on a sounder methodological basis. This book is particularly notable for its clarification of Childs' approach, and for its original solutions to a number of central methodological problems.