The Busy Woman's Guide to Total Fitness: Strengthen Your Body and Spirit in 20 Minutes a Day

Laurette Willis, creator of the PraiseMoves ? DVD, offers a plan that will help women incorporate Total Fitness into their busy schedules by blending the spiritual and physical areas of their lives. When asked what three of the most important things in life are, many Christian women say God, family, and health. Unfortunately, most women don't think of their health until there is a problem. And they also may go for weeks without investing quality time in their relationship with the Lord until faced with a challenge or the realization that they feel empty inside. In The Busy Woman's Guide to Total Fitness, readers will learn how to strengthen their bodies and spirits in 20-minutes-a-day with: quick and easy nutrition tips energizing 20-minute workouts prayer, meditation, and journaling suggestions fitness for the spirit, soul, and body a 21 Days to Total Fitness program