The Boston Marine Barracks: A History, 1799-1974

The Boston Marine Barracks is one of the oldest in the U.S.: it stands within eyeshot of the USS Constitution. Lt. Col. John R. Yates Jr., the last commanding officer of the Barracks when it closed in 1974, researched the hundreds of letters left behind by previous Barracks commanders, their superiors and many others. They reveal the life and times of the Marines billeted at the Barracks from the early 19th century until World War II. Often, however, the Marines were deployed to far-off events and places. This book tells the story of the Barracks' Marines participation in the Seminole Wars, the action in Samoa, the Boer Wars, the Philippine Insurrection, Panama, the Boxer Rebellion, the Mexican War, the Civil War, the Spanish American War and World War I. This book reveals a naval prison's existence on the shipyard for which the Marines were responsible for many years.