The satirical musings of Matt Groening's The Simpsons will be at the tip of your tongue and a fingertip away with The Book of Moe -- the newest volume in the wildly popular series The Simpsons Library of Wisdom. Moe Szylak, pug ugly purveyor at the local waterin' hole, has done it all from takin' his licks in the boxing ring to performin' backroom surgery. Get to know the man behind the apron strings, the misunderstood mixologist with the gold-plated heart, as he educates ya in dating essentials, like saying stuff that chicks want to hear and puttin' the moves on 'em to the right music, and how to make it through the holidays without putting a noose around your neck. Then there's some of the poems he wrote that got him one of them there writer awards, and cocktail napkin jokes that keep the rummies in his bar happy, and some of his signature (and watered down) drinks like the Moe-jito. Oh yeah, he also makes book on some bar bets; and tells how his acting career went in the toilet; and just in case ya thought he was all business, he tells all about his charity work and babysitting Maggie Simpson and other stuff that gets the ladies all hot and bothered (see the aforementioned dating essentials). Anyways it's all in this here book. No shirt, no shoes!no problem. Take a load off and tie one on with!The Book of Moe!