The Blackwell Reader in Contemporary Social Theory

The Blackwell Reader in Contemporary Social Theory provides a comprehensive and exciting introduction to the major developments, debates, and schools of thought in social theory today. This introductory reader is edited and introduced by Anthony Elliott and covers twentieth-century social theory stretching from critical theory, structuralism and psychoanalysis to feminism, post-structuralism and postmodernism. The book includes treatments not only of the traditional lines of orientation in social theory but also of recent controversies surrounding the resurgence of interest in the self, self-identity and subjectivity. The selections are drawn from many of the most prominent figures in current debate and are introduced and contextualized by the editor to make them accessible to those coming to the study of social theory for the first time.The Blackwell Reader in Contemporary Social Theory is an ideal teaching text, and will be of significant interest to students and professionals across the social sciences.