The Big Book of Pasta: 365 Quick and Versatile Recipes

Whether you want to whip up the most incredibly simple, yet delicious meal, or indulge in a gastronomic feast, pasta covers it all. This amazingly versatile ingredient allows infinite variations - of the pasta itself, as well as the sauces and stuffings. From the smooth creaminess of pappardelle with salmon and saffron sauce, to the tangy bite of tagliatelle with chicken, lemon and basil; from the comforting heartiness of pancetta and mushroom carbonara, to the fiery punch of penne with anchovies, olives and chilli, the flavours, textures and aromas are always utterly intoxicating. The Big Book of Pasta gives you a superb collection of delicious pasta recipes, all of which are easy to follow and simple to make. The book explains how to make your own fresh pasta and the basic sauces, and covers stunning recipes for side dishes and soups, meat and fish dishes and, of course, vegetarian meals. Whether you're cooking a large dinner for your family and friends, or just a simple supper for yourself, you'll find a delicious array of options, from simple and traditional recipes to exquisite and innovative ones. For beginners and more experienced cooks alike, this is the onestop bible for pasta lovers.