The Bible According to Kids: A Humorous Look at Bible Stories from the Lips of Children

Paperback / softback
Adults and children will find loads of fun and a wealth of lessons in this joyous collection of Bible moments as retold in the innocent, hilarious words of kids. These clever interpretations will have the whole family laughing and eager to turn to the original stories as they take interactive quizzes and delve into the Scripture references provided. Jesus spoke to the servant on the mountain and changed His clothes into dishes. Joseph dreamed that the sun, moon, and a bunch of movie stars bowed down to him. Daniel had a sleepover with the lions. They didna (TM)t eat him because God sent an angel to glue their mouths shut. Cheerful illustrations and handy verses encourage young and old to explore the wisdom, people, and places of the Bible while embracing its loving plan for every child of God.