The Best of Leifer

From sports to politics and from celebrities to celebrations, Neil Leifer has traversed the world since 1960, capturing major events for Sports Illustrated, Time, Life, Newsweek, and other leading publications. His artistry, composition, and unerring instinct for photographing just the right moment are evident in the memorable pictures included here. Among his best-known images are a triumphant Muhammed Ali defeating Sonny Liston, thought to be the best sports picture of all time; a dazzling Kristi Yamaguchi in midair on her way to Olympic gold; Michael Air Jordan slam-dunking; and countless other pictures of sports superstars. For decades Leifer has attended premier sports events, and the photographs he has taken at them allow us to have ringside seats at many of the most exciting competitions of the last half of the 20th century. But as this collection amply displays, Leifer also offers awesome views of many non-sporting subjects, including popes, presidents, prisoners, African wildlife, aircraft carriers, and Hollywood celebrities. Accompanying the images are Leifer's lively, anecdotal accounts of the events and personalities he has photographed, as well as an insightful introduction by George Plimpton. Filled with familiar faces, extraordinary events, and evocative scenes, this mesmerizing book will be a prized gift for anyone interested in sports or great photography.