The Beginner's Book of Meditation: A Practical Guide to Meditation and Breathing Techniques

Learn simple breathing techniques, along with the most effective meditation methods and QiGong practised sitting or in movement, including traditional and lesser-known techniques, from down-to-earth descriptions, and over 250 illustrations, hand-drawn by the author (B&W). This book is meant for anyone and everyone interested in learning meditation, regardless of age, sex, physical or mental state or ability, religious or spiritual views, and previous experience in meditation practice. Meditation will be regarded as a tool, or vehicle, you might use along your path. The techniques taught within, are not follow-along meditations, that you can just do step-by-step, prescribed for specific goals, situations, or life events. The goal of this volume is to help you understand meditation, empowering you with the knowledge and experience to build up your own routine and your very own, personal meditation practice.