Delmar's Math Review Series for Health Care Professionals: The Basics of Ratio Rate and Proportion

Delmar's Math Review Series for Health Care Professionals is the ideal resource for students, those just entering the health care field, and for practicing health care professionals who need to review mathematical concepts and take their basic arithmetic skills to the next level and is the perfect companion to any dosage calculations book! Designed as small modules of topic-specific math content, readers enjoy the flexibility to choose the areas they want to study. Additionally, the books in the series can be used in a classroom or online class setting, where an instructor presents the material and students practice the concepts presented, or as supplemental resource for those wishing to review the concepts on their own. The instructional sections are presented in a clear and straightforward manner enhancing the reader's learning experience. The emphasis is on a basic presentation of the concepts with numerous examples and their explanations to illustrate their various aspects. There are many opportunities for the reader to practice the concepts; and answers and explanations to the questions are included, so the reader can immediately check their answer and remediate as necessary.