The Australian Health Care System

The Australian Health Care System 4th edition provides students with a comprehensive and forward looking overview of the structure and operation of health systems and services in Australia. It analyses how the inputs of Australian health services, such as finances, the health workforce, and the roles of state and federal government - influence the outcomes, which range from consumer confidence to policy changes. Written with an emphasis on policy and economic issues, the book provides an extensive overview of the interactions between consumers and providers of health care in Australia. It includes expanded coverage of Primary Care, Specialist Health Services, Aged Care and Disability Services and increased pedagogy, such as case studies of sections of the health care system. New to this Edition: Up-to-date with the latest figures, policy, and statistics Three new chapters: Primary Care; Specialist Health Services; Aged Care and Disability Services Forward looking - it describes the health care policy as it is and looks at how it might change in the future New Case studies examine the health care system in action New pedagogy including: Chapter Summaries, Key Terms, Annotated further reading and website lists