The Atlas of the Civil War

* The planning, manoeuvring and emotions of the people involved in the war that changed America With a foreward and introductory essays by leading Civil War historian and Pulitzer Prize-winning author James M. McPherson, The Atlas of the Civil War provides an unparalleled portrait of the war that changed the moral, economic, and political foundation of America. No other reference brings to life the strategic planning, manoeuvring, and emotions of the people involved with more detail, accuracy, and compassion. Gripping eyewitness accounts by revered Civil War historians Kenneth Winkle and Steven Woodworth vividly describe the human experience of war. Complete with 200 specially commissioned full-color maps detailing troop movement, battlefield terrain, and communication lines, dynamic reconstructions depicting all of the campaigns and skirmishes fought on land, river, and ocean, and time-line descriptions providing play-by-play commentary of battlefield action. More than 200 photographs and illustrations bring the settings and key figures to life.